Value-Based Purchasing (VBP) - A Collection

Value-Based Purchasing (VBP) is a potential game-changer in the world of heatlhcare for providers.  It will, potentially, demand more of doctors, nurses and other clinicians as well as hospital executives.  Information Technology demands will be increased, as well as quality and satisfaction demands including sophisticated reporting.  The following are a list of resources for healthcare providers on the basics of the proposed program. Check back periodically as this list will be updated with new information, links and commentary.  

This website will be CMS' official source of information about the Hospital Value-based Purchasing (HVBP) Program for hospitals, clinicians, and other stakeholders who share CMS' commitment to transforming the quality of hospital care by realigning hospitals' financial incentives to do so.
A summary of the current state of the program that highlights the most valuable information.

Perspectives on a nurses role in the new program and what it means for the occupation.

An introduction of sorts, but geared towards physicians and what physicians should be doing now to prepare and succeed under the new program.