For Providers

PatEx is your Patient Engagement, Empowerment and Experience Systems AS WELL AS your after care compliance system - all rolled into one!  We believe that satisfaction and outcomes are so closely related and essential to healthy living.  

Provider Benefits of PatEx:
  • Improves Pay-for-Performance Initiatives by Hospital Readmission Reduction and Increased Patient Satisfaction.
  • Physician Remote Monitoring and Surveillance of Patients.
  • Connects Patients, Hospital Medical Staff, Primary Care Physicians and Nurses and Caregivers through Unified, Easy-To-Use Platform.
  • Engages, Empowers and Rewards Patients for Care Plan Compliance and Healthy Living.
Provider Features of PatEx:
  • Customized applications based on Physician Clinical Focus, Physician and Provider Preferences and Provider Populations.
  • Provider and Patient Registration is Fast, Simple and Easy.
  • Communicate with patients in real-time, privately with the PatEx social clinical history timeline.
  • Patient Experience Dashboard that shows data regarding patient satisfaction, after care compliance, individual patient expectation predictors and suggestions for improvement.